MBA Wellbeing Introduction

M = Mind, B = Body and A = Awareness The aim of this program is to balance these 3 parts of our being. In Chinese medicine the Heart is the home of awareness. In this course we explore why the Heart is so important and how to live Heart connected to ourselves and others. 

This program explains the Mind-Body-Heart connections from Chinese Medical, Spiritual, Holistic Healing, Yogic and Indigenous world views. It introduces simple holistic healing practices for nourishing mental stability by strengthening the physical body.

This program provides a thinking upgrade for leaders, managers and people responsible for guiding others. For a deeper enquiry see one to one coaching program details. 

The MBA empowers people with self-care tools and practices, used for centuries to keep people well. Wellbeing is recognised as the essential foundation of a successful life.

Course curriculum

Cameron Tukapua

Wellbeing Leader, Healer, Teacher, Visionary, Leader

Lucky for me I stumbled upon the path of Chinese medicine at age 21 which literally saved my life. From Day One we were shown how to see ourselves as parts of nature and how each of us has a ‘natural way of being in the world’. As a Farmers daughter the nature based philosophy made perfect sense to me, of course life is powered by energy! Over the last four decades I have explored Wellbeing through thirty years of Clinical Acupuncture and Holistic medicine practice, Meditation and Yoga. I started and directed an Acupuncture College, and for over 2 decades have led Wellbeing retreats in China, New Zealand, Bali, Australia. Education, empowering people to know and help themselves is core to my practice.. To me, learning Mind-body ABC is as basic and obvious as having a driving license for your car. Balancing our energy, being our true Self and accessing our inner courage transforms our lives and our world! I co-created the You Being You online learning home to give people easy access to wisdom teachings of the ages, and practical pathways to lifelong wellbeing. Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s I experienced a life of relative freedom and truth. Now here we are in the 2021 and things are messed up. I feel deeply for younger people who have inherited this strange modern world. Thankfully some of the weird systems and unconsciously accepted ways of relating, are now being openly challenged! We can no longer pretend widespread expressions of ‘power over others’, are OK. It’s time for building a new world of ‘power with’. As complex as our problems seem to be, I believe some of the solutions are surprisingly simple. It starts with aligning with what is good, true and beautiful. We introduce new/old ways of being, nurturing self-care and mutual empowerment. We encourage genuine connection and heartfelt sharing as a powerful path to healing. Join our online community and help us help many.

What others say

“ I was really surprised to see how Cameron was able to bring the experience of the treatment room into the webinar space. She was able to create an atmosphere of safety, and open hearted sharing happened naturally. People got to see and hear how we all struggle with the same things. They also discovered a language for speaking about themselves with others, and sharing what's really going on underneath. The combination of the teachings and the sharing, are really effective making this offering very original. The teachings empower people to help themselves.  ”

Dr Carolyn Eddleston, The Midlands, England

“Cameron helped me as i’ve navigated the challenges and opportunities of working in a new role, and like all workplaces, facing a time of change and transformation. Her heart centred approach has helped me find my own authentic leadership style and flow. What I love about Cameron’s work is the power of its simplicity. It’s clear, understandable, and you can very quickly and easily start integrating it into your personal and professional working life. ”

JM Communications Manager, New Zealand

“Cameron has the talent to take something which is quire complex (especially if you have studied western medicine),and explain it simply. She helps you make that transformation of thinking really easily. Cameron can reduce information to simple explanations and understandings, it feels like coming home to common sense. I really like this because I can now use these teachings with my patients. It is simple things …like being more connected to nature, and being in rhythm. Those minor things can change a lot in how a person is feeling and I’ve experienced that as well. Her program is a stepped plan, which enables you to understand where you are coming from and what are your roots. It has helped me understand how to nourish myself, where I am in my power and how to live in the most natural flow of being yourself. ”

Dr Mori Schraeder, The Netherlands

“ have been having individual coaching sessions with Cameron for many years and feel multiple benefits which support my wellbeing, and allows my life to flow more freely.  In 2020...the year of change for all, I completed Cameron's excellent and well structured Head, Heart & Roots Facilitator’s course.  Cameron's course provided me with the tools to support me in my fast-paced, stressful role in the corporate world; enabling me to show up and stand-up for myself by being my authentic self, and providing me with confidence to speak my truth, clearly and calmly.  At first, I found this challenging being an easy-going petite woman, however, with Cameron's guidance and teachings, I now have awareness of others behaviours and their deeper meanings, and how best to approach and manage others with thoughtful communication. I highly recommend attending Cameron's courses and learning from her wealth of wisdom. She generously shares to empower you to be your true, fearless self. ”

Zoe, Corporate Finance Manager, New Zealand