MBA Individual Wellbeing Coaching

a deep dive into HOW to optimise your Mind-body Connections

M stands for Mind, B for Body, and A for Awareness. Learning to balance these 3 distinct parts of our body-mind is the aim of this Wellbeing program.

The Intention is to learn to "Anchor in life, connected to your clear, open expanded Heart-felt awareness".

Cameron offers her lifetime clinical and teaching experience  of holistic Mind-body medicine as foundation for her coaching. She will empower you to heal, transform and reset your life by aligning with your deeper knowing.

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Cameron Tukapua

Wellbeing Leader, Healer, Teacher, Visionary, Leader

Lucky for me I stumbled upon the path of Chinese medicine at age 21 which literally saved my life. From Day One we were shown how to see ourselves as parts of nature and how each of us has a ‘natural way of being in the world’. As a Farmers daughter the nature based philosophy made perfect sense to me, of course life is powered by energy! Over the last four decades I have explored Wellbeing through thirty years of Clinical Acupuncture and Holistic medicine practice, Meditation and Yoga. I started and directed an Acupuncture College, and for over 2 decades have led Wellbeing retreats in China, New Zealand, Bali, Australia. Education, empowering people to know and help themselves is core to my practice.. To me, learning Mind-body ABC is as basic and obvious as having a driving license for your car. Balancing our energy, being our true Self and accessing our inner courage transforms our lives and our world! I co-created the You Being You online learning home to give people easy access to wisdom teachings of the ages, and practical pathways to lifelong wellbeing. Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s I experienced a life of relative freedom and truth. Now here we are in the 2021 and things are messed up. I feel deeply for younger people who have inherited this strange modern world. Thankfully some of the weird systems and unconsciously accepted ways of relating, are now being openly challenged! We can no longer pretend widespread expressions of ‘power over others’, are OK. It’s time for building a new world of ‘power with’. As complex as our problems seem to be, I believe some of the solutions are surprisingly simple. It starts with aligning with what is good, true and beautiful. We introduce new/old ways of being, nurturing self-care and mutual empowerment. We encourage genuine connection and heartfelt sharing as a powerful path to healing. Join our online community and help us help many.

What others say

“Cameron’s approach was completely new to me, and although I have been coached and trained by some of the worlds best, she offered a remarkable new perspective that immediately produced results for me. Cameron clearly has intuition, experience and a great deal of heart, in deep and equal measure. The space for listening that she opened in our sessions, and has delivered into my life and work, has been transformative and effective. Cameron has offered me new paradigms that it's hard to believe were not previously visible to me, as they so quickly have supported more effective practices in so many areas of my life. As a parent, coach, trainer and community leader, I am better equipped to serve with the learning and insight that Cameron has helped provide.
If you get an opportunity to work with Cameron, take it. She has a remarkable gift as a teacher, healer and coach.

Gavin Presman, London

“In the last five years, (since coaching by Cameron), I have become freer and freer of worries, I feel more myself and trust who I am and what I know. This change within me was very obvious with the company challenges that came with Covid. Even though we had a lot of pressure with the shift to online business, my staff were united and they wanted to follow me, and we did amazing things together to meet the demands of this very different time. This showed me how much I have grown as a leader and a person. I would definitely recommend Cameron’s teachings for leaders, managers and coaches. Her methods are very different and yet very effective and efficient. ”

MK, Company Director

““Cameron shows us we all exist on a spectrum. It is one thing to know who we are and what we are capable of doing now, but another to awaken the potential of what we can become.This ability to help awaken one’s own potential is the true gift of a good teacher, and Cameron is one of the rare, real teachers””

Mimi Kuo Deemer, Author of Xiu Yang - Self Cultivation for a happier, healthier and balanced life”

“In one word...shaman! Suzi McAlpine is author of "After Burnout"”

Suzi McAlpine, Executive Leadership Coach

“What the retreat (with Cameron) did for me was quiet my life in significant ways. Since I returned from the retreat, I have noticed that my days are often buoyed now by a greater since of peace and a larger understanding of the broad spiritual context we all live in. I have more strength I can call upon in myself. I also have more empathy for myself and for others. ”

Susan Conley, US, Author of "Landslide"

“Both in my day-to-day work as well as through friends and family, it is increasingly clear that there is a mental health crisis—particularly in our young people. It seems almost the norm now for adolescents to be anxious. I absolutely applaud Cameron for her mission to make wellbeing accessible for all. Cameron has the loveliest open and engaging style—she lives and breathes what it is to be authentic and content and I loved this introduction to thinking about health from a holistic perspective. Dr Michelle McCarthy, Clinical Psychologist ”

Dr Michelle McCarthy, Clinical Psychologist, NZ

“Immediately after this retreat I could tell something had changed. I connected with my patients almost immediately. Where it sometimes took 10 minutes of digging and questioning before people showed me their true worries or fears, now almost within a split second people would open up and showed me their emotions. And I didn't do a thing, it was all effortless. I figured that because I changed inside, my presence had changed, which was more inviting for my patients to show or share their vulnerability. ”

Dr Morintje Schraeder, GP , Netherlands

“I started at the retreat as a wife, a mom, a family doctor and as the retreat unfolded, I shed those roles and just found myself and to be connected to myself was the most powerful gift I could have been given. Since the retreat, I take better care of myself and my family and friends and my colleagues and patients. I am connected in a way I never was before. ”

Dr Marie Shieh, GP, Australia