'Shine Your Light' One to One Coaching

Includes 10 X 1.5 hour sessions + 7 Pre-recorded online courses for Self-study. Coaching sessions across 3 - 6 months.

'Shine Your Light' - One to One Coaching

Your Coach Cameron Tukapua draws from her lifetime study and practice of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Meditation. She shares traditional wisdom teachings from Chinese medicine, Yogic philosophies, Mysticism and Indigenous peoples ways. // Learn to connect your Heart and mind, unlock your inner wisdom, courage and personal power. Awaken your inner knowing, live guided by your true Self.

  • A Unique coaching program focussing on Wellbeing and Spiritual Self-identity. Takeaway Self empowerment tools and lifelong healing pathways. Helping YOU nurture your authentic Self and create real, loving connections with Self and other

  • Shifting our stuck places, resolving Heartaches and old blocks by shining light into our wounds and claiming the wisdom. Transforming our lives by letting go the old, living present time forward, and calling in the new

  • Includes 7 Pre-recorded courses. Value $943 USD. Mind-body healing pathways with step by step guidelines to lifelong wellbeing . HOW to connect the dots on life events and show up awake and aware of our power to become co-creators of magical lives.

  • Simple, powerful tools and mind-body practices which engage 'Healing as a Way of Being'. Practical guidance for balancing the body-mind to nurture lifelong wellbeing

  • Why Choose this Coaching program ? Cameron Tukapua offers YOU her lifetime study/practice of Holistic medicine, Cosmology, Astrology, Meditation, Yogic philosophy. Cameron offers simple, clear practical guidance for all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. VALUE - Priceless

Coach - Cameron Tukapua

Cameron Tukapua

Chinese Medicine Dr, Wellbeing Coach

Imagine a world where people thought of themselves as whole and beautiful. A world where people knew how to heal themselves through daily self-care. That’s a world I want to live in ! Discovering Chinese medicine at aged 21 showed me a true view of reality. A world of energy where everything is connected and in right relationship to everything else. What I love about my job is facilitating connection to our original nature and a search for wholeness. Acupuncture rebalances the energies of the mind-body. It enlivens the innate healing power that lives inside all of us. Along with shifting the energy I support people to know and be themselves. Cosmology, ‘how to see our place in the universe’ is one of eight limbs of Chinese medicine. When we see the truth of life as energy, we tap into a source of power which is immeasurable and unlimited. When we listen to our own Hearts we live guided by our true Sovereign Ruler and the power of LOVE. Across 4 decades of healing practice I’ve valued sharing ancient wisdom teachings They empower us show up as co-creators of our beautiful world. In the last two decades I’ve created healing pathways which support people to listen to their own knowing as their ultimate guide in life. Currently I see a lot of lost, confused people trying to navigate the ‘non-sense’ of a weird world. At the same time I see people everywhere waking up to the importance of taking charge of our life. I believe grassroots change, from bottom up is the essential healing remedy for our current health care crisis. Our health is up to us. It’s a choice. No-one else rules our mind.

Connect Your Heart-mind-body

Live your Life in Service to your Higher Awareness