Course Description

The intention of the series is to offer simple holistic ways to think about madness. We introduce body centred practices and mental frameworks to help steer and calm the mind.

While mental and emotional health are highly important for our overall wellbeing, not many of us know how to navigate, understand and communicate our internal experience.

There is so much "craziness" around the world. We don't need to get caught up in that, we have a choice.

You Being You group

Different members from the group will share a range of teachings; videos articles, online resources and practices. Each week we will live stream to recap the weekly theme to learn, connect and share through Q&A.

Join us and our series for free. Be part of encouraging healing conversation on how to reconnect to true nature.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is madness?

    • General Introduction, dictionary meanings. Insanity, Lunacy, Extreme emotion

    • Chinese medicine concept of imbalanced spirit and signs of imbalance

    • Role of Emotions, stuck emotions and importance of free-flowing energy

    • Introduction to the practice

    • Qigong practice to anchor yourself in your body and your heart

    • Share your thoughts!

    • Review of the chapter (live streamed)

  • 2

    Mind over madness

    • Heart mind - overall awareness, neutral, observing, witnessing. Awareness contracts into thoughts. Consciousness is highly creative, helps us respond to life- If overstimulated overstimulates mind

    • Logical thinking mind, everyday awareness, the steering wheel of awareness, makes plans, attends to responsibilities

    • Our senses gather information from environment! Incoming messages need sorting. Too much over stimulates mind

    • Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga exercises to develop more awareness of your body and your feelings, to relax and be IN your body by turning your sense inwardly

    • Share your thoughts!

    • Review of the chapter (live streamed)

  • 3

    ABC of madness - Part 1

    • Accept you are in charge of your own mind. Accept and invite feedback from others, especially if you are unsure of how you are tracking. Accept help. Attend to your mind and reduce over stimulation

    • Marie Shieh shares the self checkup tool and patients experiences.

    • Self checkup tool (DASS 21)

    • Breath down into Body, brings you to now. Use breath to calm mind and come back to centre. Feel sensation of the breath

    • Breath practice from Louise. Feeling the connection with your breath. Paying attention to the feelings on the inhaling and letting go on the exhaling.

    • Show compassion for self and other. Madness can be hard! Know that courage is needed to share problems and be seen

    • Kum Nye practice for bringing awareness to the heart center

    • Share your thoughts!

    • Review of the chapter (live streamed)

  • 4

    ABC of madness - Part 2

    • Acknowledge level of need using a scale; mild distress/dysfunction to non-functional in the world. Acknowledge progress and gains

    • Befriend your Vulnerability, see it as both a sign and a pathway to authenticity. Learn to manage your personal boundaries

    • Explore ways of connecting to yourself. Learn to connect heart-to-heart with others. Learn to connect to life as an interactive energy system

    • The power of vulnerability - TED talk by Brené Brown

    • Share your thoughts!

    • Review of the chapter (live streamed)

  • 5

    Moments of madness

    • We all have them. Extreme emotions cause dramas we believe are real, which causes imbalance in free flow. Too many can become a condition of madness

    • Major change, BIG transitions e.g. moving house, job, relationship disturbs free-flow and destabilises emotions. Remedy SLOW DOWN, TAKE CARE

    • Reflect on how moments of madness have impacted you and your family. What have you learned, what do you need to do differently future forward?

    • Qigong practice for grounding and finding stability.

    • Share your thoughts!

    • Review and Q&A

    • Review of the chapter (live streamed)

  • 6

    Madness on the rise

    • Overstimulation of mind, senses and emotions now accepted norm, all leads to madness. Anxiety and a quest for meaning are closely related. Earth energy needs to be strengthened. Mindfulness for overstimulated mind stuff is the remedy!

    • Wonderful breathing practice

    • Emotions need flow for balance and harmony with self and others. Recognise how dominant collective emotional atmosphere wins! As more and more people attune to love, light, truth and beauty we all benefit by upgrading the collective field.

    • WHY escalating mental health crisis? Macro trends; opiate addiction, global financial crisis, distorted virtual world overtaking REAL time world and day to day connection. 9 Steps to mental well-being - World Health Organisation

    • Qigong practice to calm, quiet and centre the heart

    • Share your thoughts!

  • 7

    Madness on the side

    • Give feedback. Help mad person see, as their ability to reflect and see themselves may be distorted. Be aware, thoughts are real forces. Hold the highest possibility for them. Intro to Ho'oponopono mantra

    • Grounded presence most needed to return to order. Become empowered Learn, connect, heal and share

    • Establish boundaries. Be clear about your personal limits, communicate them with clarity and strive to maintain them!

    • Marie talks about mirror neurons and the practice of Ho'oponopono, giving love, forgiveness and gratitude.

    • Annie Meredith bring us the gift of the flower essence dandelion!

    • Share your thoughts!

    • Review of the chapter (live streamed)

You Being You Group

The group members that facilitate this series share their experience. The group member learning fields include: Chinese medicine, Tibetan Yoga, Qigong, Body-Mind medicine, Psychology, Mindfulness and Neuroscience. Learn more about the You Being You group members here.