Managing the Madness

A lighthearted holistic approach | taught by You Being You Group
You Being You Group
You Being You Group

About the instructor

The group members that facilitate this series share their experience.

The group member learning fields include: Chinese medicine, Tibetan Yoga, Qigong, Body-Mind medicine, Psychology, Mindfulness and Neuroscience.

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Course overview:

The intention of the series is to offer simple holistic ways to think about madness. We introduce body centred practices and mental frameworks to help steer and calm the mind.

While mental and emotional health are highly important for our overall wellbeing, not many of us know how to navigate, understand and communicate our internal experience.

There is so much "craziness" around the world. We don't need to get caught up in that, we have a choice.

You Being You group

Different members from the group will share a range of teachings; videos articles, online resources and practices. Each week we will live stream to recap the weekly theme to learn, connect and share through Q&A.

Join us and our series for free. Be part of encouraging healing conversation on how to reconnect to true nature.

Course Contents

33 Videos
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