Keys to the Cosmos 2 - It's all about love

taught by Cameron Tukapua
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Cameron Tukapua
Cameron Tukapua
B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader

About the instructor

Cameron Tukapua’s exploration into evolving our full potentials began in 1983, when a chance encounter at a gathering introduced her to a lifetime study of Chinese medicine. Later in 1999 she opened the Christchurch College of Holistic Healing in New Zealand - offering   career training programs in Acupuncture.

Assisting Shifting Gears - Old World to New
After 33 years of individual consults, teaching in Hawaii, leading retreats in China, Australia and New Zealand she co-created the online learning College - You Being You. Inspired by the dawning of this ‘Golden Age of Consciousness’ her focus is encouraging the thinking upgrade required for these times.

She introduces the role of the Heart-mind as the ruler of our life, and introduces simple practices to steer the mind and heal the body.

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"A person is not a thing or a process but an opening through which the absolute can manifest." ~ Heidegger

In Chinese medicine and Yogic philosophies human beings are seen as a channel linking the energies of the Universe to the Earth.

If you're someone noticing the wobble of our fast changing world... then check out our Keys to the Cosmos.

A thinking upgrade can transform this wild ride into an uplifting view of an interesting journey destined to happen!

These plain truth, simple wisdom teachings give us ways to look for the best in ourselves others and life itself. Join our global community and share the love.

Each series introduces cross-culturally inclusive universal life lessons.

Each step is a pathway for engaging with life as a dynamic interconnected energy system.

All steps are easy to share, designed to encourage healing conversation about how to be whole.

CHAPTER TWO : It’s All About Love

1 We are born, we die, WHY?  Why are we here and where are we going ? Why live? What’s important? Why do all the artists, mystics, poets and others obsess over love? 

2 Love - the ultimate drug I want you! I need you! You are the one, with you I feel complete. I see you , you see me I want to see you ALL the time!

3 Oh My God!  The universal cry; in need, in surprise, in seriousness, in play, in fun. Why do all people call to God? Where is God when we need her?

4 Expressions Love delivers in many ways, some subtle, some over-powering. Extending the arms of love through the virtues. Opening to the messengers, visible and invisible

5 Love’s shadow At the loss of original innocence we split away from the deep knowing of true nature and can fuse with the dark side of ourselves and others. An introduction

6 Universal Love Loving everyone equally, beyond role and personal identification. Recognition of how all beings are equal in the universal Heart of Oneness.

7 Love channelled through roles Children begin their journey of love with parents, siblings, friends, guides, healers, helpers. These roles convey love in particular ways 

8 Bhakti love Devotional love, a pathway to unity through total dedication to the life of another. Exploring the shadow-side as disconnection from individual needs.

9 Self-love Recognising uniqueness, exploring idea of genuine heart felt longings. Learning to honour needs of true self and value space and time for introspection. 

10 Teacher/Learner/Mentor Life is for learning and the lessons of love come from all around us. Our teachers are guides, generally a source of inspiration as mirrors.

11 Professional Love In these relationships the limits and boundaries of the relationships are governed by ethical codes of conduct. Unlike friendship - the professional love connection is special but not equal, the vulnerability of the client must be protected!

12 Lover Opening to the wild ride of Eros. Love is blind, it is the ultimate invitation to merge into oneness with life and other. There is nothing like the feeling of love... it can make us wild, crazy and stupid at times!

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It’s All About Love