HOW to engage the transformational healing potentials of this time

24, 26 September, 3 October: 7.00 - 8.30pm New Zealand time.  

This course is designed for Leaders, Coaches, Healers, Teachers and Seekers. It introduces HOW to engage this powerful collective "Wake Up" call to heal and transform.

It speaks to the shifting energies, offering 3 sessions to help ourselves and others move from "Breakdown to Breakthrough" by exploring 1.  "How to navigate a healing crisis". 2. "Five stages of a wake up call" 3." HOW to listen to our Hearts". 

Delivered as three X 1.5 hour sessions, Cameron shares clinical tips for helping ourselves and others evolve through this very intense time.

Course curriculum

What others say

“I was really surprised to see how Cameron was able to bring the experience of the treatment room into the webinar space. She was able to create an atmosphere of safety, and open hearted sharing happened naturally. People got to see and hear how we all struggle with the same things. They also discovered a language for speaking about themselves with others, and sharing what's really going on underneath. 

Dr Carolyn Eddleston, GP & Chinese Medicine Dr

“Cameron helped me as i’ve navigated the challenges and opportunities of working in a new role, and like all workplaces, facing a time of change and transformation. Her heart centred approach has helped me find my own authentic leadership style and flow. What I love about Cameron’s work is the power of its simplicity. It’s clear, understandable, and you can very quickly and easily start integrating it into your personal and professional working life. ”

JM, Corporate Communications Manager

“The course was eye opening because she was speaking the "language" which I did not even know existed. Learning this new “language”, I got the tools to answer all the questions and doubt I have been holding in my heart for a long time. Cameron’s teachings showed me how everything in life is linked to everything else. I could logically understand connection was everything and after a few group courses and some individual coaching sessions, for the first time in my life I was able to connect with my true self.   One of the most challenging parts was breaking through my beliefs and conditioning. Cameron made me realise how much I was trapped in beliefs and conditioning coming from my family, cultural background, education and what’s known as normal. The changes happened gradually and naturally as a result of learning to listen to my Heart and body. As I did this my mind started to slow down, I was calmer and as I started to relax my staff relaxed too, and the answers to problems came more easily. ”

MK, Company Director