Aligning Heart & Mind Wellbeing Prescription

Listening to your Heart as Guide for your mind

Imagine feeling at peace with your inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Imagine closer, more authentic, loving relationships with the people in your life. Introducing HOW to balance your inner and outer worlds, and live your larger life possibilities.

  • A structured 7 step pathway exploring the Heart-mind relationship
  • Mental-spiritual wellbeing guidelines from Chinese medical and Yogic perspectives. 
  • Takeaway lifetime tools to steady your mind and listen to your Heart. 
  • Discover the JOY and FREEDOM of showing up in more authentic ways of being



Science proves the electro-magnetic field of the Heart as 60 X stronger than the brain. Balancing Heart and mind access your WOW super powers as co-creator of your life and destiny. 

Touching all levels

  • A structured 7 step pathway - Understanding the Heart-mind relationship
  • Tibetan Yoga, guided meditation and medical Qigong to connect the Heart and mind   
  • Reflections on How to LOVE in ways that honour and support Self and other 


Tibetan Yoga teacher - Brian Berneman

Online Course Structure & Content

The course is structured as seven steps. Each step/chapter includes:

  • three talking videos - 21 total
  • one practice video or audio - 7 
  • a PDF download of reflections - 7

The practices for this course include: Audio meditations, Medical Qigong, and Tibetan Yoga.

Aligning Heart & Mind Course Outline

INTENTION: Listening for Heart as guide for mind

  • 1
  • 2

    1. Heart as Supreme Ruler, Witness, Doorway to Love

  • 3

    2. Heart as Meaning Maker and Signs of Heart-break

    • 2.1 Heart's Role in Meaning Making

    • 2.2 Common Signs of Heart-break

    • 2.3 Aligning with what we Value

    • Audio: Radical Self Acceptance as a pathway to Healing

    • Reflections - Heart as Meaning Maker

    • Healing Heart Break

  • 4

    3. The Three Worlds and 'Bridge between the Worlds'

    • 3.1 Bridge between Inner & Outer Worlds

    • 3.2 The Three Worlds

    • 3.3 Heart Spirit, Heart Mind, Heart Blood

    • Practice 3 - Tibetan Yoga - Heart connecting 4 directions

    • Reflections on Connecting through Heaven & Earth

  • 5

    4. Heart Presence - Living awake and aware

    • 4.1 Living in Direct Experience

    • 4.2 Second Hand Experience

    • 4.3 Shut Downs to Direct Experience

    • Practice 2 - Tibetan Yoga

    • Reflections - Where do you Live your Life ?

  • 6

    5. Heart jobs and Mind jobs - different Roles

    • 5.1 Heart Based Awareness

    • 5.2 Management Thinking Mind

    • 5.3 Mind jobs and Heart jobs

    • Practice 5 - Guided Meditation - audio

    • Reflections - Head Jobs & Heart Jobs

  • 7

    6. Truth, Trust and 'Tuning In' - Speaking and Listening

    • 6.1 Speaking plain truth

    • 6.2 Three Levels of Trust

    • 6.3 Listening with the Heart

    • Practice 6 - Tibetan Yoga

    • Reflections - Truth, Trust and Tuning In

  • 8

    7. The Heart as Doorway to Love

    • 7.1 Self Love and Universal Love

    • 7.2 The Roles and Rules of Love

    • 7.3 The Arms of Love

    • Practice 7.1 - Restorative Yoga

    • Practice 7 - Tibetan Yoga

    • Reflections

Cameron Tukapua

Chinese Medicine Dr, Wellbeing Coach

Imagine a world where people thought of themselves as whole and beautiful. A world where people knew how to heal themselves through daily self-care. That’s a world I want to live in ! Discovering Chinese medicine at aged 21 showed me a true view of reality. A world of energy where everything is connected and in right relationship to everything else. What I love about my job is facilitating connection to our original nature and a search for wholeness. Acupuncture rebalances the energies of the mind-body. It enlivens the innate healing power that lives inside all of us. Along with shifting the energy I support people to know and be themselves. Cosmology, ‘how to see our place in the universe’ is one of eight limbs of Chinese medicine. When we see the truth of life as energy, we tap into a source of power which is immeasurable and unlimited. When we listen to our own Hearts we live guided by our true Sovereign Ruler and the power of LOVE. Across 4 decades of healing practice I’ve valued sharing ancient wisdom teachings They empower us show up as co-creators of our beautiful world. In the last two decades I’ve created healing pathways which support people to listen to their own knowing as their ultimate guide in life. Currently I see a lot of lost, confused people trying to navigate the ‘non-sense’ of a weird world. At the same time I see people everywhere waking up to the importance of taking charge of our life. I believe grassroots change, from bottom up is the essential healing remedy for our current health care crisis. Our health is up to us. It’s a choice. No-one else rules our mind.