Course Description

"What is the Aligning Head and Heart Discovery about ?" 

This seven step pathway will help you connect your Heart and Mind and support you to live aligned with your authentic Self

    •    One of four Foundation courses of You Being You 

    •    Wellbeing language and practices for Aligning your Heart-mind energy

    •    Practical guidelines for engaging with our Interactive universe 

    •    Learning to engage your inner courage, confidence, and true power

    •    Creating truthful authentic relationship with yourself and others

What will I learn?

Language for how the heart rules your life, and ways to steer the everyday thinking mind to a life of purpose and meaning

    •    Learning how your Heart is your individual entry point to universal awareness 

    •    How and when to engage Head or Heart, separately or together 

    •    Practical support for living your life with a sense of Purpose and Meaning

    •    Simple Yogic and Qigong practices for calming the mind and balancing energy

    •    How to reflect on what's Important to you, and live guided by Inner Knowing

Who is this for and why is it special?

People who manage/coach/lead/guide others - introducing Mental health ABC needed to support others adjust to todays fast changing world

 Facilitated by experienced professional practitioners introducing simple language for Heart-mind connections

Seven step structured learning pathway addressing all levels: physical mental, spiritual 

    •    For spiritual seekers, Yogis, Health Care Practitioners - identifying how past, present and future patterns of being influence our lives 

    •    For Wellbeing Educators - Language and practical guidelines for helping others adjust to our fast changing new world

    •    For sensitive people affected by fast changing universal energies - learning how to manage/balance inner energy

    •    For people curious about the Heart's power and influence on our body-mind, as the 'Supreme Ruler' of our Life 

What is Required of Me?

A zoom account, an open mind and curiosity to explore through group process

    •    An up to date Zoom account to access LIVE time interactive sessions

    •    Interest in self empowerment and learning from others

    •    Willingness to become more of your true you ...or at least imagine that's possible 

What is the Process?

Seven step group discovery course with options for individual professional supervision, and access to pre-recorded teaching videos with practices and guidelines for self-healing 

    •    Aligning head and Heart includes seven chapters of a pre-recorded online course

    •    Introduced LIVE as once weekly sessions for seven weeks for the discovery group process, an interactive learning forum

    •    Interactive session offers opportunity for LIVE time question and answers, and individual discovery through real life examples of applying the teachings

    •    Learners follow up at your own pace, with pre-recorded videos and practices 

    •    Each chapter of pre-recorded online course includes; three talking video, one practice, a downloadable file of reflections 

Why this course compared to others

    •    Course material informed by over three decades facilitating mind-body healing

    •    Teachers are Chinese Medicine Doctors with over three decades clinical acupuncture, teaching, and leadership experience

    •    Clear and simple mind-body wellbeing guidance, for busy stressed people in our fast changing world

    •    Introducing world views which help us see and find our place, in our uncertain world. 

    •    LIVE time sessions interaction and group sharing presents communal mirror for healing and thinking upgrade


NOTE: If you miss a session, you can watch the online course for the main points.

Note: Times are for Auckland, New Zealand time zone.

Webinar Dates: April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19   Times: 7.00- 8.00am OR 7.00 - 8.00pm

The same topic for each weeks session is delivered at two different times on the same day. The subject is the same.

B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader

Cameron Tukapua

From day one of acupuncture training Cameron has been a passionate explorer of ‘life as energy'. Her focus has been on aligning with destiny by grounding the invisible spirit world into the practical form world. Bringing these worlds together Cameron created and was Principal of a New Zealand registered Acupuncture College. She wrote a book called Opening Up, produced a film on Aligning Head and Heart, and for nearly a decade lead spiritual self-identity retreats in rural China. For over 20 years Cameron has taught Heart centered living to clients, practitioner trainees, peers, Yogis and many others. Her approach is light hearted and fun. Cameron’s vision of You Being You was originally inspired to offer easy access to the uncluttered wisdom of ancient traditions. "Returning to our natural state can be simple when you have a map for the path. YBY offers grounded steps for the spiritual journey." For further information:

Course curriculum

  • 2

    1. Heart as our Supreme Ruler - Introducing divine nature as pure witness consciousness. Opening to the doorway of love

    • Functions of Heart as Supreme Ruler

    • The Role of our Witnessing Presence

    • The Heart as Doorway to Love

    • Self Awareness Contemplations

    • Practice 1 - Guided Meditation - audio file

  • 3

    2. Heart as Meaning Maker and signs of Heart break

    • 2.1 Heart's Role in Meaning Making

    • 2.2 Common Signs of Heartbreak

    • Practice 2 - Qigong For Clearing energy blocks in the Heart

    • Brainstorm on Meaning Making

    • Heartbreak Healing Visualisation

  • 4

    3. The Heart as 'the Bridge between the Worlds'. Introducing the three worlds of awareness, mind and body.

    • 3.1 Bridge Connecting Inner & Outer Worlds

    • 3.2 The Three Worlds

    • 3.3 Heart Blood

    • Practice 3 - Tibetan Yoga - Connecting to the Heart Space

    • Looking through the Lens of the Three Worlds

    • Visualisation Connecting Heaven and Earth

  • 5

    4. Engaging Life as a Direct Experience. Introducing the nature of reality as a direct or indirect experience

    • 4.1 Living in Direct Experience

    • 4.2 Second Hand Experience

    • 4.3 Shut Downs to Direct Experience

    • Practice 4 - Tibetan Yoga - Exploring Feelings and Sensations

    • Reflections - Where do you Live your Life ?

  • 6

    5. Head, Heart and Nut Jobs

    • 5.1 Heart Jobs - Overall Awareness

    • 5.2 Head Jobs - Management Thinking

    • 5.3 Nut Jobs - Out of Order!

    • Heart, Head and Roots Poster key points

    • Contemplations // Guidelines for head jobs and Heart jobs

    • Heart Check In Questions

    • Head Check Up Questions

  • 7

    6. Truth, Trust and 'Tuning In' - Introducing how to live and speak our truth in a way that honours the true nature of ourselves and others

    • 6.Plain truth

    • 6.2 Three Levels of Trust

    • 6.3 Tuning In

    • Practice 6 - Tibetan Yoga // Central Channel breathing

    • Reflections: Truth, Trust and Tuning In

  • 8

    7. The Heart as a portal to love. The 'roles and rules of relationships' as a guide to healthy loving

    • 7.1 Self Love & Universal Love

    • 7.2 The Roles and Rules of Love

    • 7.3 Extending the Arms of Love

    • Practice // Restorative Yoga - Supported Bridge Pose - Opening Up

    • Reflections - Heart as Portal to Love