Stressed Out of Your Mind ? - Come Back to Your Body

A body-mind balancing session, introducing ABC of Mental Well-being | taught by Cameron Tukapua
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Background. Right now pressures from the outside world and the rapid rate of change we are being asked to adjust to, is overloading many of us. To feel stressed worried, concerned and overwhelmed is a natural, normal, healthy response to a time of extreme challenge. If pressure continues for too long with no release, we can blow a fuse and do stupid things To cope with the build up of pressure we need to de-stress the body which in turn can help settle and clear the mind.

As in the Macrocosm, so in the Microcosm. In Chinese medicine body-mind functions and the influences of our surrounding environment are recognised as part of one whole energetic system. If our mind is OFF the body is affected, if our environment is off, our energy is affected - it all goes together. 

Join Us for a Healing Experience. We invite you to join this FREE WEBINAR for a thinking upgrade which introduces new ways to see this time of change. You will take home tools you can use to relax the body, unwind your mind, and open up some healing conversations.

Access Your Internal Strength. In our bones we have more strength than we can ever imagine, AND the deep wisdom of our ancestors who survived and thrived across the ages. Like nature herself, we are all coded with the spirit of renewal, regeneration and the ability to withstand violent storms. During tough times we need each other, to lean into, to share our stories and co-create solutions to our community challenges. Transformation is a natural function of life. Near the beginning of major change it’s always a bit messy, and this is the stage we are in now. Step by step, we will progress. We can all do it, and we will do it better together. Register here

NOTE: Throughout 2019, Cameron travelled New Zealand offering half day gatherings which introduced Mind-Body wellbeing ABC to the general public. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Feedback from Previous Participants. “Both in my day-to-day work as well as through friends and family, it is increasingly clear that there is a mental health crisis—particularly in our young people. It seems almost the norm now for adolescents to be anxious. I absolutely applaud Cameron for her mission to make wellbeing accessible for all. Cameron has the loveliest open and engaging style—she lives and breathes what it is to be authentic and content and I loved this introduction to thinking about health from a holistic perspective.”

Dr Michelle McCarthy - Clinical Psychologist, Participant in “Strong Heart” gathering Christchurch, May 2019

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Cameron Tukapua
Cameron Tukapua
B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader

Cameron is a passionate explorer of 'life as energy' with a lifetime experience of how to live a grounded, spiritual life.


Her career started as a 21 year old studying acupuncture. Nearly two decades later, Cameron created a NZ Government registered training College for Acupuncture practitioners. 

Alongside her practice, Cameron has led Wellbeing retreats in Hawaii, China, Australia, Bali and New Zealand. Encouraged by the powerful transformations in the retreaters lives, she has synthesised the retreat teachings into courses for self evolution and lifelong wellbeing. 

'You Being You' short courses touch all levels combining: Ancient Wisdom teachings, Yoga, Qigong and guided reflections as pathways to personal Self empowerment.

In 2015, supported by Brian Berneman together they co-created the online learning portal 'You Being You'.

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