Course Description

What you will Learn

  • How to connect to your natural strengths
  • How to use rest to heal, and rejuvenate after burnout
  • Lifelong wellbeing prescriptions for mind and body 

Nourishing Roots - The Power of Yin

Brief Descriptor

  • Introducing Chinese medical teachings on how the body is formed, maintained and balanced by our everyday lifestyles 
  • A seven step structured learning pathway, to explore where we come from and how to build strength and renew energy. 
  • Teachings are combined with restorative Yoga practices, designed to use rest to heal, and nourish your whole being.

    Teachings, Practices, Resting, Reflections and Intention
    This course offers teachings designed to help actualise your innate potentials, by engaging deeper levels of your being. Each of the seven steps is linked to a specific restorative Yoga practice, which help rebalance the energetic highways of the body. The Restorative Yoga practices help calm and soothe the body-mind balance, and reset the nervous system. 
  • Resting supports the rebuilding of YIN energy - our foundation of BEING. Activity which is YANG, is related to our function of DOING. Too much DOING, including lots of activity AND too much thinking, depletes Yin, and creates a false sense of 'speeding in the body' like a car with it's wheels spinning. People with fast moving thoughts, often have difficulty settling the body-mind. Restorative Yoga is a wonderful way to reset the nervous system by calming the body and the mind.
  • On this course you will be guided to reflect on what needs to change, to find balance in your life.
  • Throughout this course you will learn how to use rest to heal, and restore the body's natural rejuvenating functions. 
  • We encourage you to share the journey with someone you care about and explore self-care as the new health care.  


When does the course start?  Each of the 7 chapters, is delivered as pre-recorded videos and downloadable PDF’s. Each chapter is programmed to release every 7 days from the date of enrolment.

Nourishing Roots Group Discovery: For people who join our live-time interactive sessions, each chapter/step will be released every seventh day from the start date.  Participants are encouraged to do the restorative Yoga practices in-between webinars.

Next live time webinar series starts February 17 Dates for the webinars are February 17, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31. The sessions are at 7.00 pm New Zealand time.

Who would benefit from this course? 

  • People looking for direction and ready for a thinking and energy upgrade 
  • People affected by burnout and exhaustion, who want practical ways to help themselves
  • People who want to engage the healing potentials, of this time of our collective AWAKENING
  • Yoga teachers, health care practitioners, counsellors, parents, people in positions of responsibility for others
  • People who would like to help others engage the power of this AWAKENING time but don't know HOW 

How much does the online course cost? USD $175 How much does the Group Discovery + online course package cost ? USD $550

How much time will the course take? 

  • Each chapter includes three X 5 -10 minute videos, with practice videos around 30 minutes for each chapter. 
  • To help integrate your insights, a downloadable PDF of reflections for each chapter accompanies each chapter. 

Holistic study guidelines ? 

Each chapter has its own distinct flavour and yet this is not a linear journey. Each part contributes to the whole and often it is not until you have ALL the parts, the WHOLE starts making sense.

What do I need to access the course ?

✓ A computer that works.

✓ Access to the internet.

✓ Email account

✓ Credit card for payment

Disclaimer The information and practices offered in this course are not recommended as a substitute for medications or individual therapy. If needed please seek the support of someone with appropriate skills for your individual health care requirements


You Being You courses provide language, frameworks and practices you can use to guide your wellbeing evolution.

We introduce a thinking upgrade which can help us navigate this time of momentous change. We designed these courses as pathways to self evolution, and lifelong wellbeing. Join us and help us share this healing conversation on 'how to be whole'


“Thank you for the Nourishing Roots webinars experience. I have never done anything like this before, it is very powerful and potent and giving me to the tools to drive the changes I want to make in my life. 

For over ten years I have done Yoga, psychology, and Jungian analysis and no-one gave me such simple and at the same time very powerful tools. If it is working so well for me, and I can’t even speak very good English, I can imagine what it is doing for other people! Towards the end of the seven sessions I started to feel love for myself and let go of the worry about my job and the changes I want to make. I now feel much happier, lighter and free”   

Vera, Lawyer, August 2020

 “Drawing from a rich background of clinical acupuncture practice, committed Yoga practice and personal development training, Cameron Tukapua's presentations are uniquely original. She invites her students to both understand and embrace their humanity while aspiring to a higher insight. 

Cameron brings a lightness of heart to her work, infusing her talks and seminars with humor, while ingeniously offering a razor-sharp perspective that encourages participants to recommit to their own personal vision”.

Donna Farhi, Author of "Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living”

Cameron Tukapua & Louise Cashin

Cameron Tukapua - B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader From day one of acupuncture training Cameron has been a passionate explorer of 'life as energy'. Her focus has been on aligning with destiny by grounding the invisible spirit world into the practical form world. Bringing these worlds together Cameron created and was Principal of a New Zealand registered Acupuncture College. She wrote a book called Opening Up, produced a film on Aligning Head and Heart, and for nearly a decade lead spiritual self-identity retreats in rural China. For over 20 years Cameron has taught Heart centered living to clients, practitioner trainees, peers, Yogis and many others. Her approach is light hearted and fun. Cameron’s vision of You Being You was originally inspired to offer easy access to the uncluttered wisdom of ancient traditions. "Returning to our natural state can be simple when you have a map for the path. YBY offers grounded steps for the spiritual journey." For further information: LOUISE CASHIN - Yoga teacher Louise has a background in corporate business and technology start ups. Since 2002 she has chosen Yoga as not only her daily practice but her work in the world. Louise believes the practice of Yoga teaches us so much more than how to have a healthy body. Through her continued work on her own practice and working with students all over the world Louise has seen how Yoga can help develop a healthier way of interacting with others and can guide us in developing a healthier relationship with our self and connecting with our true nature. She believes Yoga is a whole way of living and thinking and can aid in finding purpose in life. A highly qualified and experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher, in 2011 she became a Yoga Alliance registered training school and has been leading Yoga teacher training and providing further training for teachers ever since. For more information:

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Source Essence - Discover and claim the strengths of your constitution. Stand tall by engaging the gifts of your ancestral lineage. Shine a light on what's holding you back and choose to evolve beyond the family hang-ups !

  • 3

    Gathering Power - Discover how to nourish your daily and lifetime power production. Learn to activate 'the fire of life' to stimulate your energy. Claim the key to your lifetime longevity - explore what's needed to build energy reserves.

    • Acquired energy

    • Hidden Power

    • Reservoirs

    • Practice overview

    • Practice - Legs on chair with circular breathing

    • Reflections on Gathering Power

  • 4

    Fluids and Flow - Your body is approximately 80% fluids and like a river it is designed to flow. 'Going with the flow' is supported by living now, engaging the current of present time life. Learn how to clear old blocks by activating free-flow.

    • Nourish and Moisturise

    • Free flow

    • Blocks to flow

    • Opening up book - Chapter 21

    • Practice overview

    • Practice - Flowing Lying twist

    • Reflections on Fluids and Flow

  • 5

    Presence - Anchoring into 'the power of being' supports us to fully ‘show up’ to life. Discover how simply being present invokes and honours the true nature of ourselves and others. Engage your presence as a hidden power to heal.

    • Presence honours

    • Presence heals

    • Way of Being

    • Opening up book - Chapter 12

    • Practice overview

    • Practice - Constructive rest

    • Reflections on Presence

  • 6

    Grounding - Our lives exist in a background of constant change. Discover how to ride the waves of change and stay centred with your feet on the ground. Reconnect with the potency of small steps and identify your transitions as pathways to growth.

    • Transformation

    • Transitioning

    • Step by Step

    • Opening up book - Chapter 11

    • Practice overview

    • Practice - Supported standing forward bend

    • Reflections on Grounding

  • 7

    Intentional Evolution. Examine your daily diet and what to eat to support your constitution. Learn to listen to your 'the 4 bones' and connect to a life of purpose and meaning. Practice gratitude - focus on all that is working in your life.

    • Nourishing Yin

    • Nourishment and diet

    • Mother Yin

    • Opening up book - Chapter 8

    • Practice overview

    • Practice - Downward facing relaxation

    • Reflections on Intentional Evolution

  • 8

    Partnering the Mystery - Open to life as an interactive energy field. Learn to raise your vibration - attract more of what you truly love. Have a laugh - stay light. Explore how to sense the subtle, allow times of 'not knowing' give life time to reveal.

    • Open up

    • Laugh !

    • Letting go

    • Opening up book - Chapter 14

    • Practice overview

    • Practice - Supported spine back bend

    • Reflections on Partnering the Mystery


5 star rating

Awesome course

Graham Good

Awesome course and content.

Awesome course and content.

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5 star rating

Nourishing roots

Carolyn Eddleston

Made me want to know more. Lovely, brief, accessible resources delivered with steadiness and love.

Made me want to know more. Lovely, brief, accessible resources delivered with steadiness and love.

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