Lifting up and Letting Go

Connecting to our Higher Self Awareness

What ? Interactive group exploring how to lift up to a higher awareness, let go of outdated histories by focusing on what is clear. Embracing our life creation without shame or judgment. How to trust the 'mystery' of life and the reality of 'not knowing'.

Intention: Aligning Heart and mind to show up in our true Self

When: July 12, 13 & 16  // Times: 7.00 - 8.00pm New Zealand timezone.

Course Fee $99 USD - 3 X LIVE time group coaching sessions + online resources 


Why? Facilitated group healing sessions with Cameron Tukapua - clinical tips on HOW  to release outdated perceptions of ourselves and lift ourselves up by shining light into the shadows. Introducing tools for letting go of self doubt, blame and shame. 

Who For ? Deep thinkers, people affected by all the weird in the world.  An awareness upgrade for those who like to understand why they feel the way they do.

Valuable content for Coaches, Managers, Leaders, Teachers, Therapists, Practitioners. Includes Online resources; text, video and audio files.

Course curriculum

Cameron Tukapua

Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Wellbeing Coach

Imagine a world where people thought of themselves as whole and beautiful. A world where people knew how to heal themselves through daily self-care. That’s a world I want to live in ! Discovering Chinese medicine at aged 21 showed me a true view of reality. A world of energy where everything is connected and in right relationship to everything else. What I love about my job is facilitating connection to our original nature and a search for wholeness. Acupuncture rebalances the energies of the mind-body. It enlivens the innate healing power that lives inside all of us. Along with shifting the energy I support people to know and be themselves. Cosmology, ‘how to see our place in the universe’ is one of eight limbs of Chinese medicine. When we see the truth of life as energy, we tap into a source of power which is immeasurable and unlimited. When we listen to our own Hearts we live guided by our true Sovereign Ruler and the power of LOVE. Across 4 decades of healing practice I’ve valued sharing ancient wisdom teachings They empower us show up as co-creators of our beautiful world. In the last two decades I’ve created healing pathways which support people to listen to their own knowing as their ultimate guide in life. Currently I see a lot of lost, confused people trying to navigate the ‘non-sense’ of a weird world. At the same time I see people everywhere waking up to the importance of taking charge of our life. I believe grassroots change, from bottom up is the essential healing remedy for our current health care crisis. Our health is up to us. It’s a choice. No-one else rules our mind.

What others say

“What I found (from Cameron’s teachings) was I was more able to connect to myself through my core values, which transformed into new levels of connection with myself and my community, including my company. I did not have to try hard to influence others, it’s just that I connected to myself and dramatic change around me followed!  ”

MK, Company Director

“Cameron has offered me new paradigms that it's hard to believe were not previously visible to me, as they so quickly have supported more effective practices in so many areas of my life. As a parent, coach, trainer and community leader, I am better equipped to serve with the learning and insight that Cameron has helped provide.
If you get an opportunity to work with Cameron, take it. She has a remarkable gift as a teacher, healer and coach.
Gavin Presman, London”

Gavin Preston, UK

“Cameron helped me as i’ve navigated the challenges and opportunities of working in a new role, and like all workplaces, facing a time of change and transformation. Her heart centred approach has helped me find my own authentic leadership style and flow. What I love about Cameron’s work is the power of its simplicity. It’s clear, understandable, and you can very quickly and easily start integrating it into your personal and professional working life. ”

JM Communications Manager, New Zealand