Short OR Deep Dive self-study & Coaching

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Deep Dive Courses - Prescriptions for Lifelong Wellbeing

'Nourishing Roots' blends restorative Yoga practices with Chinese medicine teachings. It offers practical guidance on how to create, nurture and sustain energy levels. Excellent for Yoga teachers/students, health care  practitioners and those who value mind-body Self care. 

'Aligning Heart and Mind' explores how to use awareness to guide our everyday thinking. It introduces Chinese medicine and Yogic teachings on the Heart-mind relationship. Excellent for those who like to steer and understand the mind. Includes Qigong and Meditation. 

'Dreams, Destiny and the Five Spirits' introduces the Heart-mind-body Soul relationships. It offers practical guidance on how serve the Soul to nurture our destiny.

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Watch Videos Introduction to Courses

  • 1

    Introduction to Course Content

    • Video - Introduction to the 5 Foundation Self-study Courses

    • Video - Introduction to One to One Coaching

  • 2

    Awakening to New Life

    • Video Intro - Awakening to New Life

  • 3

    Now is the Entry Point

    • Video Introduction - Now is the Entry Point

  • 4

    Anxiety as a Quest for Meaning - Free Course TRY ME

    • Video - Intro to Anxiety as a Quest for Meaning

  • 5

    Living Love

    • Video - Intro to Living Love

  • 6

    Deep Dive Courses

    • Deep Dive Courses

    • Video - Introduction to Nourishing Roots

    • Video - Intro to Aligning Heart and Mind

    • Video - Intro to Dreams, Destiny and the 5 Spirits

What others say

“Cameron helped me as i’ve navigated the challenges and opportunities of working in a new role, and like all workplaces, facing a time of change and transformation. Her heart centred approach has helped me find my own authentic leadership style and flow. What I love about Cameron’s work is the power of its simplicity. It’s clear, understandable, and you can very quickly and easily start integrating it into your personal and professional working life. ”

JM, Corporate Communications Manager

“Cameron has offered me new paradigms that it's hard to believe were not previously visible to me, as they so quickly have supported more effective practices in so many areas of my life. As a parent, coach, trainer and community leader, I am better equipped to serve with the learning and insight that Cameron has helped provide.
If you get an opportunity to work with Cameron, take it. She has a remarkable gift as a teacher, healer and coach.

Gavin Preston, Leadership Coach, UK

“The Awakening course is an incredible platform to connect, learn, explore and evolve. It introduces how we can stay strong and excited through change and uncertainty. I loved talking about the very relevant collective change we are all experiencing with Covid, in a way that made me feel energised and empowered vs dull, frustrated and overwhelmed. Cameron introduced beautiful tools to enable us to focus on what WE CAN CREATE, and how to NOTICE AND TAKE ACTION on how I feel. In the last two weeks (since I began this course) I've felt a huge shift inside of me. I was able to let go of some old beliefs and as soon as I detached from that narrative, a downpour of opportunities and connections fell into my lap. All these I had dreamed of and visualised have become my reality.”

J Lo, Coach, Tauranga New Zealand