Aligning Head & Heart: Part One

Introducing how to recognise our Head-Heart relationship | taught by Cameron Tukapua
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Course Curriculum

Course description

 What You'll Learn

  • How to recognise the Supreme Ruler of your Life
  • How to engage the Steering Wheel of your Mind
  • How to identify Healthy Appropriate Loving

Brief Descriptor This course introduces simple language for recognising the head and Heart relationship. It explores how to align the everyday awareness of the rational thinking mind - the ‘head-mind,’ with the divine nature of overall awareness - the ‘heart-mind’. It introduces guidelines for healthy Heart based relationships with ourselves and others

Practices To integrate the teachings you are offered guided meditations and reflections, to apply these teachings to your life. To activate and support the head Heart alignment on physical and energetic levels, we introduce Qigong and Tibetan Yoga practices to open the related energetic pathways.  The seven steps are designed to facilitate alignment of head and Heart as a pathway home to your true Heart essence. This lifetime journey is supported by ongoing everyday life practices

When does the course start?  Each of the 7 chapters, is delivered as pre-recorded videos and downloadable PDF’s. Each chapter drips out once per week from the date of enrolment

Who would benefit from this course?
For those who feel 'something is missing' and want to explore their spiritual identity without dogma. 

  • For those who recognise the Heart is important and want to know why ? 
  • For those who want to consciously evolve their inborn potentials, and cultivate healthy Heart relationships. 
  • For those curious about Chinese Medicine, and for people who want to cultivate lifelong wellbeing . 
  • For Holistic Health care practitioners, Yoga teachers, Counsellors, Medical professionals, Coaches, Teachers and others nourishing personal and interpersonal empowerment.  
  • Recommended for life's sensitive people who would benefit from holistic ways to think about mental-emotional wellbeing. 

How much does the course cost? USD $69

How much time will the course take? Each chapter includes three X approximately 10 minute videos, with practice videos around 15-30 minutes for each chapter. To integrate your insights, a downloadable PDF of reflections accompanies each chapter. The journey 'home' is lifelong. Give yourself permission to enjoy the journey without expectation or rush !

Holistic study guidelines Each chapter has its own distinct flavour and yet this is not a linear journey. Each part contributes to the whole and yet can also stand alone. Sometimes it is not until you have ALL the parts, the WHOLE starts making sense.We highly recommend you share this learning journey with someone you care about and practice together.

What do I need to access the course ?

✓ A computer that works.

✓ Access to the internet.

✓ Email account

✓ Credit card for payment

DISCLAIMER These teachings are not intended as a replacement for medications or other mental health therapies. In some cases it may be best to share the viewing and practices with a wise elder, health care practitioner, or other support person. 


One of the aims of our You being You offerings is to empower you to reconnect to your instinctive knowing. We provide frameworks and teachings which help reveal that knowing, and pathways to help unfold your true you. We aim to encourage healing conversation, and a focus on what is good, true and beautiful about life. We invite you to join us in spreading and sharing healing conversation about how to be whole.

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Cameron Tukapua
Cameron Tukapua
B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader

Cameron is a passionate explorer of 'life as energy' with a lifetime experience of how to live a grounded, spiritual life.


Her career started as a 21 year old studying acupuncture. Nearly two decades later, Cameron created a NZ Government registered training College for Acupuncture practitioners. 

Alongside her practice, Cameron has led Wellbeing retreats in Hawaii, China, Australia, Bali and New Zealand. Encouraged by the powerful transformations in the retreaters lives, she has synthesised the retreat teachings into courses for self evolution and lifelong wellbeing. 

'You Being You' short courses touch all levels combining: Ancient Wisdom teachings, Yoga, Qigong and guided reflections as pathways to personal Self empowerment.

In 2015, supported by Brian Berneman together they co-created the online learning portal 'You Being You'.

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