Aligning Head & Heart

Do you suffer from mental distress ? 

Do you have difficulty with concentration and focussing your thoughts ?

Imagine how good it would feel to have a settled mind and an open Heart?


This course introduces Mental-Spiritual wellbeing guidelines from Chinese medical and Yogic perspectives. It is designed as a prescription for calming the mind and re-balancing the head-Heart relationship. 

Aligning head and Heart will help you to engage this time of collective AWAKENING to reset your natural balance. You will takeaway lifetime tools which will support you to show up in life in authentic ways that honour yourself, and others. 



Science is catching up with the Mystics!

Science can now measure how the energetic field of the Heart is 60 X stronger than the brain. In Chinese medicine the Heart is called the “Supreme Controller” as it is the ruler of the thinking mind and our doorway to LOVE. 

Learning to balance the Heart and mind gives us access to our own super power. WOW WOW WOW !!!

Instinctively we know our Heart is our doorway to happiness and sense of strength and wellbeing. Evidence from Yogic, Indigenous and Chinese medical traditions have demonstrated this truth for thousands of years. Aligning head & Heart is designed to help you connect to your inside world and create balance in your life, loving and thinking.

What You'll Learn

  • How to find a place of calm inside your own self
  • Practices to transform your life through this powerful time of collective change
  • How to become your own best friend
  • When to use your head, and when to use your Heart
  • The ‘rules and roles of love’ as a guideline for boundary setting
  • Signs of Heart break in yourself and others
  • How to tune in and live life in the direct experience of today
  • How to cultivate genuine relationships with yourself and others


Online Course Structure & Content

The course is structured as seven steps. Each step/chapter includes:

  • three talking videos - 21 total
  • one practice video or audio - 7 
  • a PDF download of reflections - 7

The practices for this course: Audio meditations, Qigong, and Tibetan Yoga.

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    1. Heart functions as the Supreme Ruler - Introducing our divine nature as the pure witness consciousness that lives in the background of awareness. Opening to that presence through the doorway of love

    • 1.1 Functions of Heart as Supreme Ruler

    • 1.2 The Role of our Witnessing Presence

    • 1.3 The Heart as Doorway to Love

    • Practice 1 - Audio Meditation - Connecting to the Queen of Your Being

    • Reflections - Heart As Supreme Ruler

  • 3

    2. Heart as meaning Maker and signs of Heart-break

    • 2.1 Heart's Role in Meaning Making

    • 2.2 Common Signs of Heart-break

    • 2.3 Aligning with what we Value

    • Audio: Radical Self Acceptance as a pathway to Healing

    • Reflections - Heart as Meaning Maker

    • Healing Heart Break

  • 4

    3. Introducing the Three Worlds and how to see the Heart as 'the Bridge between the Worlds'

    • 3.1 Bridge between Inner & Outer Worlds

    • 3.2 The Three Worlds

    • 3.3 Heart Spirit, Heart Mind, Heart Blood

    • Practice 3 - Tibetan Yoga

    • Reflections on Connecting through Heaven & Earth

  • 5

    4. Engaging Life as a Direct Experience

    • 4.1 Living in Direct Experience

    • 4.2 Second Hand Experience

    • 4.3 Shut Downs to Direct Experience

    • Practice 2 - Tibetan Yoga

    • Reflections - Where do you Live your Life ?

  • 6

    5. Head jobs and Heart Jobs. Critical questions to support their alignment

    • 5.1 Heart Based Awareness

    • 5.2 Management Thinking Mind

    • 5.3 Head jobs and Heart jobs

    • Practice 5 - Guided Meditation - audio

    • Reflections - Head Jobs & Heart Jobs

  • 7

    6. Truth, Trust and "Tuning In" - Introducing how to speak and listen for truth, in a way that honours the true nature of ourselves and others

    • 6.1 Speaking plain truth

    • 6.2 Three Levels of Trust

    • 6.3 The Four Chambered Heart

    • Practice 6 - Tibetan Yoga

    • Reflections - Truth, Trust and Tuning In

  • 8

    7. The Heart as a Portal to Love

    • 7.1 Self Love & Universal Love

    • 7.2 The Roles and Rules of Love

    • 7.3 Extending the Arms of Love

    • Practice 7.1 - Restorative Yoga

    • Practice 7 - Tibetan Yoga

    • Reflections

Cameron Tukapua

Wellbeing Leader, Healer, Teacher, Visionary, Leader

Lucky for me I stumbled upon the path of Chinese medicine at age 21 which literally saved my life. From Day One we were shown how to see ourselves as parts of nature and how each of us has a ‘natural way of being in the world’. As a Farmers daughter the nature based philosophy made perfect sense to me, of course life is powered by energy! Over the last four decades I have explored Wellbeing through thirty years of Clinical Acupuncture and Holistic medicine practice, Meditation and Yoga. I started and directed an Acupuncture College, and for over 2 decades have led Wellbeing retreats in China, New Zealand, Bali, Australia. Education, empowering people to know and help themselves is core to my practice.. To me, learning Mind-body ABC is as basic and obvious as having a driving license for your car. Balancing our energy, being our true Self and accessing our inner courage transforms our lives and our world! I co-created the You Being You online learning home to give people easy access to wisdom teachings of the ages, and practical pathways to lifelong wellbeing. Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s I experienced a life of relative freedom and truth. Now here we are in the 2021 and things are messed up. I feel deeply for younger people who have inherited this strange modern world. Thankfully some of the weird systems and unconsciously accepted ways of relating, are now being openly challenged! We can no longer pretend widespread expressions of ‘power over others’, are OK. It’s time for building a new world of ‘power with’. As complex as our problems seem to be, I believe some of the solutions are surprisingly simple. It starts with aligning with what is good, true and beautiful. We introduce new/old ways of being, nurturing self-care and mutual empowerment. We encourage genuine connection and heartfelt sharing as a powerful path to healing. Join our online community and help us help many.