Aligning Head & Heart

Introduction to LIVESTREAM content

  • Aligning Head and Heart awakens our NOW time awareness. Being Present is a direct pathway to course correcting our destiny by living present time forward

  • Connecting the Heart and mind is supremely empowering. It helps us to align with what's important and meaningful. Living guided by a sense of purpose leads to more enriching lives. It is healing as a way of being.

  • The LIVE time sessions introduce a language of energy for how to navigate this fast changing time. The teachings offer holistic healing perspectives on healing our relationships with ourselves and others.

  • Using meditation we explore how to clear the Heart of old hurts. We tap into our higher mind and practice letting go of thinking by opening into awareness.

  • Using Qigong practice we explore the felt sense of the Heart space. We explore how to enter into a more expansive, open state of awareness. We practice raising our vibration to rise above the challenge and stresses of the outside world.

Social proof: testimonials

“The course was eye opening because she was speaking the "language" which I did not even know existed. Learning this new “language”, I got the tools to answer all the questions and doubt I have been holding in my heart for a long time. Cameron’s teachings showed me how everything in life is linked to everything else. I could logically understand connection was everything and after a few group courses and some individual coaching sessions, for the first time in my life I was able to connect with my true self. ”

MK - College Director

“Cameron helped me as i’ve navigated the challenges and opportunities of working in a new role, and like all workplaces, facing a time of change and transformation. Her heart centred approach has helped me find my own authentic leadership style and flow. What I love about Cameron’s work is the power of its simplicity. It’s clear, understandable, and you can very quickly and easily start integrating it into your personal and professional working life. ”

Janine M

“Cameron has offered me new paradigms that it's hard to believe were not previously visible to me, as they so quickly have supported more effective practices in so many areas of my life. As a parent, coach, trainer and community leader, I am better equipped to serve with the learning and insight that Cameron has helped provide.
If you get an opportunity to work with Cameron, take it. She has a remarkable gift as a teacher, healer and coach.

Gavin Presman

“Cameron can reduce information to simple explanations and understandings, it feels like coming home to common sense. I really like this because I can now use these teachings with my patients. It is simple things …like being more connected to nature, and being in rhythm. Those minor things can change a lot in how a person is feeling and I’ve experienced that as well. ”

Dr Morintje Schraeder

““I have learned from many teachers including Tony Robbins, Keith Cunningham (mentor to Robert Kiyosaki who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad), Gary Vaynerchuk and many more schools of personal development and meditation. Cameron Tukapua is outstanding and world class in her own way. Her teaching is unique and she is really worth meeting and listening to. Cameron, originally brought up on a farm in New Zealand, has studied and distilled the wisdom from indigenous cultures around the world for 30 years. She provides guidance on how to reduce anxiety and become “in the flow” for your life. The wisdom is simple and clear and does not cut across any religion any more than the changing of the seasons does. This is also about living more harmoniously in our environment and enjoying more heart-centered connections with one another. This may be all new or it may be a reminder of things you kind of knew, but are not practicing. Cameron has a relaxed style of teaching, and it is as much for those held back by something as it is for those stretching to get to their next level.” ”

Simon Small - Entrepreneur