Course Description

What's calling you forward ? 

What's holding you back ?

If not now ... When?          If not You... Who?

As we transition through 2020 - 2021, we are opening to a whole new way of being in the world, engaging our role as co-creators of our life and destiny. 

Imagine the feeling of free-flow as you open to the natural guidance of your own best teacher - YOU ! What you need to know, you already know ... it just needs to be revealed. Inside-out living is all about engaging your inner wisdom, as the leader of your life.

  • Unlock the Secrets
  • Experience the Wisdom
  • Tune into Spirit

Join us for this seven step journey of Soul Self discovery  

  • Explore cross-cultural and Chinese medical wisdom  
  • Introducing a spiritual self-identity map, to help you align with destiny 
  • Learn how to listen to the wisdom of your Heart, Mind, Body, Soul and Will spirits.

If you are ready to claim your role as co-creator of your life and destiny ... this course is ready for you :)  If we look around at the people we know, it's clear that many of us are going through intense transformations right now! It is a dismantling process, which can also be see as preparation for birthing larger versions of ourselves. 

"Letting Go" is part of the journey of spiritual evolution. Knowing what to claim is another part. The Dreams-Destiny course is a midwife for the Spiritual journey. It offers you clear, simple guidance on how to grow and evolve into more expanded versions of your current Self.

Wherever you are is the entry point - Kabir

Course curriculum

Cameron Tukapua

Wellbeing Leader, Healer, Teacher, Visionary, Leader

As a sensitive high energy person it was a relief to discover and start studying Chinese Medicine at age 21. It literally saved my life! Immediately I could see where I belonged in the world and how to strengthen my mind-body balance. This time tested medical tradition shows us how we connect to the world around us and how the body-mind is one system . Teaching and learning has been a lifelong passion. For nearly a decade I owned and directed the 'Christchurch College of Holistic Healing' offering full time Acupuncture practitioner training. Since 1993 I have been co-leading mind-body Wellbeing retreats in Hawaii, China, Australia, Bali and New Zealand. What I know is people transform when they learn how to be their own healers and teachers. What we really need to know is inside us all. Facilitating connection to our deep knowing Self, and universal energies, is my contribution to the Wellbeing revolution. The YBY courses provide simple clear reference points on HOW to nurture lifelong wellbeing for the body mind. The focus is on connecting to our true Heart nature. The teachings are uplifting, Heartfelt and Unifying.