'Shine Your Light' One to One Coaching

Includes six X 1.5 hour coaching sessions. You choose how to engage with this unique combination of wellbeing support for all levels; physical, mental, spiritual. // Together we will track where you have been, where you are now and where you might like to go next. We will explore what YOU are waking up to in the context of this collective shift and change. // Four wellbeing pathways included in package for ongoing learning/discovery.// Ideal for coaches, healers, teachers, leaders, seekers.

Shining Your Light - One to One Coaching

Your Coach Cameron Tukapua draws from her lifetime study and practice of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Meditation. She shares traditional wisdom teachings from Chinese medicine, Yogic philosophies, Mysticism and Indigenous peoples ways. // Learn to connect your Heart and mind, unlock your inner wisdom, courage and personal power. Awaken your inner knowing, live guided by your true Self.

  • A Unique approach to coaching including guided meditation and Heartfelt sharing.

  • Supporting you to show up in present time and shine your Light into the World

  • Tools and practices for upgrading your energy, engaging healing as way of being