Includes 12 Group Coaching sessions + HOW to Guidelines on Healing as a Way of Being

Four individual courses - 3 X one hour LIVE time sessions each. Login to individual course to join LIVE time sessions and access online resources. See Below - 40 Years Anniversary special deal.

Heartfelt Living - Heal Bundle

How to heal ourselves by practicing authentic Self expression, focusing on what is clear in our lives, standing our ground and living the power of LOVE

  • 40 Years Anniversary Special - 33% OFF

    Value: $99 USD

    Cameron began her formal study of Chinese medicine in Brisbane - Australia in 1983. To honour this turning point she's offering a special deal to support people committed to their healing journey. Buy by end March for 33% OFF fees. Click Buy Now button above - use promo code: Heartfeltanniversary.

  • Download extracts from 'Heartfelt Living" audiobook

    Rare Ancient wisdom teachings on the Heart

    Course fee includes audio extracts from Cameron's book 'Heartfelt Living - Your Ancient Wisdom Guide to Healing and Spiritual Awakening'. This book is a synthesis of Cameron's lifetime learning. She introduces HOW to honour our Hearts knowing to cultivate lifelong wellbeing. Heartfelt Living offers practical guidelines on HOW to live a grounded spiritual life.

  • Tibetan Yoga practices

    Connecting body-mind awareness

    In addition to LIVE time session are pre-recorded practice videos of Tibetan Yoga teacher, and 'You Being You' co-founder, Brian Berneman. These body centred practices help us into the direct experience of the mind in the body. Tibetan Yoga settles the mind and attunes us to Heartfelt awareness.

Participants Feedback

“Before I was introduced to Cameron I was at breaking point after a relationship breakup. I was over-thinking and over-analysing everything. What was coming out of my mouth was out of control. I was taking offence at the people closest to me and my reactions to them were extreme. I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. I had no idea who I was and knew I had to find the real me. // The one to one sessions with Cameron helped to stabilise my mood. When I started the courses I found ways to see myself and the meditations helped me to be present. Now that I know what I want to feel and be like, it’s easier to do that. The courses have given me a model for how to be present and aware in the moment. When my busy mind wants to kick in I put my hands on my Heart and bring myself back to reset to being present. It’s been the biggest change and has changed everything for me. ”