The Power of Yin

Engaging Feminine Energy | by Cameron Tukapua & Louise Cashin

Course description

The Power of Yin is the hidden power of Being in its purest sense. Engaging Yin is about tapping in to the receptive current of life in flow, in contrast to the masculine expression of dynamic extension.

Imagine a world where everyone lived connected to the felt sense of source energy. When we are supported by a steady centre we feel empowered, juiced up, and rooted down.

Join us on this journey of reconnecting to the origin of your source energy. Refill your reservoirs, relax and restore your deepest sense of Self.

Course Facilitators

Cameron Tukapua will share a fusion of Chinese medicine, Yogic and cross-cultural wisdom teachings, coupled with guided reflections on how to apply this timeless wisdom to your life.

Louise Cashin will share her special brand of restorative Yoga practices, with fine tuned guidance for rejuicing and rejuvenating Yoga.

Who for?
Anybody needing to refresh and restore their energy. Yoga teachers and healers who enjoy concise, clear counsel on reconnecting to true nature. All teachings suitable for sharing.

The Power of Yin - Engaging Feminine Energy

Engage the Power of Yin through concise, clear wisdom teachings coupled with guided reflection and rejuvenating yoga practice.

Chapter 1 - Source Yin

Journey with us deep into your source energy. Discover the cycles of change that rule your life. Engage your essence to strengthen and support your natural constitution to nourish the true you. Connect with the ancestral power of your lineage, engage the strengths, make conscious the vulnerabilities. Discover how lying down is “the great rejuvenator”.

Chapter 2 - Gathering Yin

Fill your reservoirs. Learn to manage a more consistent energy supply by anchoring into the strength and support of your blood and bones. Discover how to gather and reserve your energy, maintaining full supplies for times of extra need and deed. Practice sensing the potency and profound nourishment of rest and circular breathing.

Chapter 3 - Yin Fluids

Juice up your body, back and spine. Attune to the active current of energy circulating at the core of being. Feel into flow through yielding, opening, allowing and softening.Open to the naturally refreshing feminine power of Yin. Discover ways to lubricate, cleanse and juice your flow through twists, turns and upside downs.

Chapter 4 -Yin presence

Experience the felt sense of your hidden contracted power. Learn to harmonise with others by connecting to your core energy and holding a steady centre. Stand up and presence yourself in life to fully engage the power of now. Lie down, breathe and energise your lung function, a natural way to calm and relax your whole being.

Chapter 5 - Earth Yin

Transform yourself and your relationships by grounding your energy for growth. Explore what’s transitioning in your life as the primary catalyst for your growth and evolution. Discover keys for manifesting the earthly structures needed to anchor your dreams. Root your energy to the earth to settle, soothe, calm and clear the mind.

Chapter 6 - Mother Yin

Explore the power of giving and receiving as an opening to abundance. Engage your inner mother to bring balance to your life. Nurture reciprocal relationships to nourish self and other. Make home a temple and consciously invoke feelings of fulfillment. Live present time forward. Connect to the earth to release the back body and relax the spine.

Chapter 7 - Receptive Yin

Receptive Yin - Open to instinctive knowing and real connections. Partnering the Mystery by tuning in, being yourself. Radiating our true nature we magnetise and attract goodness truth and beauty. Letting Go to universal flow. Open the chest to energise circulation and flow.


The reflections and practices offered with each chapter are to help you integrate the teachings. They are not meant to be used as a replacement for individual health care consultations.

The reflections may not be suitable for people with mental health problems. If you have mental health problems and/or limited life experiences please discuss the reflections with your personal health care consultant.

The practices each have a list of contraindications and if you are unsure about any practice please refrain from practice and consult with a Yoga therapist.

Cameron Tukapua & Louise Cashin
Cameron Tukapua & Louise Cashin

Cameron Tukapua - B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader

From day one of Chinese medical training Cameron has been a passionate explorer of 'life as energy'. 

Her lifetime quest has been how to live a grounded spiritual life. Cameron created and was Director of the Christchurch College of Holistic Healing - a New Zealand government registered Acupuncture practitioner training College.  

She has written a book called Opening Up, produced a film on Aligning Head and Heart, and for nearly a decade lead spiritual self-identity retreats in rural China.

"I have seen how empowering it is for people to see their place in the Universe and gather some keys to unfolding their destiny. I have witnessed hundreds of people transform their lives by discovering language for their inner lives and practical ways to connect their inner and outer worlds”

Cameron’s vision of You Being You was originally inspired to offer easy access to the uncluttered wisdom of ancient traditions. "Returning to our natural state can be simple when you have a map for the path. YBY courses offer grounded steps and body centred practices for navigating the spiritual path. I believe many people are missing this education which is most needed for this time of powerful social transformation"

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LOUISE CASHIN - Yoga teacher

Louise has a background in corporate business and technology start ups. Since 2002 she has chosen Yoga as not only her daily practice but her work in the world. Louise believes the practice of Yoga teaches us so much more than how to have a healthy body.

Through her continued work on her own practice and working with students all over the world Louise has seen how Yoga can help develop a healthier way of interacting with others and can guide us in developing a healthier relationship with our self and connecting with our true nature. She believes Yoga is a whole way of living and thinking and can aid in finding purpose in life.

A highly qualified and experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher, in 2011 she became a Yoga Alliance registered training school and has been leading Yoga teacher training and providing further training for teachers ever since.

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Course Curriculum

Source of Energy - Journey with us deep into your source energy. Connect with the ancestral power of your lineage - engage the strengths and understand the challenges. 
Gathering Yin - Discover your original essence as a hidden power which is maintained and supplemented by acquired essence from food and fluids. Engage practices to build reservoirs to hold your precious energy.
Flowing Yin - Like a river full of water, moisturising the body energy supports you to come into flow. Identify blocks to flow and how to let go using twists and turns to juice up the flows.
Yin Presence - Anchoring into being supports us to ‘show up’ in life. Discover how simply being present naturally honours the true nature of ourselves and others. Engage your presence as a hidden power to heal.
Earth Yin - Look to Earth Mother as the ultimate teacher of transformation Explore how being grounded and slowing down is the natural antidote to a life of constant stimulation, growth and transitioning.
Nourishing Yin - Contemplate the ways to nourish Yin through diet, rest, time for a quiet mind, listening and being slow. Set up home to consciously nurture feelings of welcome, ease, contentment and fulfilment.
Receptive Yin - Open to instinctive knowing and real connections. Partnering the Mystery by tuning in, being yourself. Radiating our true nature we magnetise and attract goodness truth and beauty. Letting Go to universal flow.