Nourishing roots

The Power of Yin | by Cameron Tukapua & Louise Cashin

Course description

Nourishing Roots is a prescription for well-being, engaging Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. 

It explores how we are created from ancestral essence which is blended together with the acquired energy from our day to day diet. We explore how to get into flow with life and show up in our full bodied presence. 

Each chapter/step includes teachings, reflections to apply the teachings to your own life and restorative Yoga practices designed to help you embody the feeling of each step.

We encourage you to share the journey with someone you care about and explore self-care as the new health care. 

Join us for a 7 week self-empowerment journey

Watch our blog series and hear how one participant, Zoe, has used these steps to change her life. 

Many of us know someone like Zoe. 

Discover how sharing real life stories has the capacity to transform lives.


"Nourishing Roots has transformed my life and empowered me to stand in my truth. 

My self-care is my priority and my joy and passion now bubble up from within my soul. Prior to engaging the 7-step ‘Roots’ programme I was just surviving from one day to the next feeling constantly overwhelmed and unhappy. My relationship had deteriorated and I was on the verge of a divorce. 

This survival mode had sent me into depths of despair and I did not know how to help myself. Layers of past hurts and traumas were surfacing and I knew I needed help, but didn’t know how to articulate this. I also knew that the medication route was not an option for me as this would only be a temporary fix. 

I really wanted to get to the roots of my situation.The depths of the darkness was really difficult for me to accept as I was usually the positive person that made everyone laugh. That person was buried under a layer that many were quick to label ‘depression’. 

Then I found the Nourishing Roots course and it delivered on every level. The confusion lifted, the deep-seated unhappiness dissolved and the fatigue had faded within weeks.
‘Roots’ is now my map for navigating my way with clarity and purpose, an anchor to feeling grounded. Living my life with a new found enthusiasm and a new language to express myself is so liberating and by sharing my experience I hope to reach others for it is in connection that we learn and heal."

- Sam Ford

Cameron Tukapua & Louise Cashin
Cameron Tukapua & Louise Cashin

Cameron Tukapua - B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader

From day one of Chinese medical training Cameron has been a passionate explorer of 'life as energy'. 

Her lifetime quest has been how to live a grounded spiritual life. Cameron created and was Director of the Christchurch College of Holistic Healing - a New Zealand government registered Acupuncture practitioner training College.  

She has written a book called Opening Up, produced a film on Aligning Head and Heart, and for nearly a decade lead spiritual self-identity retreats in rural China.

"I have seen how empowering it is for people to see their place in the Universe and gather some keys to unfolding their destiny. I have witnessed hundreds of people transform their lives by discovering language for their inner lives and practical ways to connect their inner and outer worlds”

Cameron’s vision of You Being You was originally inspired to offer easy access to the uncluttered wisdom of ancient traditions. "Returning to our natural state can be simple when you have a map for the path. YBY courses offer grounded steps and body centred practices for navigating the spiritual path. I believe many people are missing this education which is most needed for this time of powerful social transformation"

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LOUISE CASHIN - Yoga teacher

Louise has a background in corporate business and technology start ups. Since 2002 she has chosen Yoga as not only her daily practice but her work in the world. Louise believes the practice of Yoga teaches us so much more than how to have a healthy body.

Through her continued work on her own practice and working with students all over the world Louise has seen how Yoga can help develop a healthier way of interacting with others and can guide us in developing a healthier relationship with our self and connecting with our true nature. She believes Yoga is a whole way of living and thinking and can aid in finding purpose in life.

A highly qualified and experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher, in 2011 she became a Yoga Alliance registered training school and has been leading Yoga teacher training and providing further training for teachers ever since.

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Course Curriculum

Source Essence - Journey with us deep into your source energy. Reflect on how the bones of your being are your root connection to your ancestors
Gathering Power - Discover how to activate your hidden power by acquired essence from food and fluids. Learn to manage your reservoirs by gathering your energy with circular breath and deep rest.
Fluids and Flow - Like a river full of water, nourishing the volume of your fluids supports you to come into flow. Identify blocks to flow and how to let go using twists and turns to juice up the flows.
Presence - Anchoring into being supports us to ‘show up’ in life. Discover how simply being present naturally honours the true nature of ourselves and others. Engage your presence as a hidden power to heal.
Grounding - Looking at life as a journey of transformation. Explore how being grounded and slowing down is the natural antidote to a life of constant stimulation, growth and transitioning.
Nourishing our Roots - Contemplate the ways to nourish your roots through diet, the 4 bones and deeply listening to your own needs.
Partnering the Mystery - Open to instinctive knowing and real connections. Partnering the Mystery by tuning in, having a laugh and letting go