Keys to the Cosmos - Partnering the mystery

by Cameron Tukapua
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Cameron Tukapua
Cameron Tukapua
B Ac, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Visionary, Leader

About the instructor

Cameron Tukapua’s exploration into evolving our full potentials began in 1983, when a chance encounter at a gathering introduced her to a lifetime study of Chinese medicine. Later in 1999 she opened the Christchurch College of Holistic Healing in New Zealand - offering   career training programs in Acupuncture.

Assisting Shifting Gears - Old World to New
After 33 years of individual consults, teaching in Hawaii, leading retreats in China, Australia and New Zealand she co-created the online learning College - You Being You. Inspired by the dawning of this ‘Golden Age of Consciousness’ her focus is encouraging the thinking upgrade required for these times.

She introduces the role of the Heart-mind as the ruler of our life, and introduces simple practices to steer the mind and heal the body.

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"A person is not a thing or a process but an opening through which the absolute can manifest." ~ Heidegger

In Chinese medicine and Yogic philosophies human beings are seen as a channel linking the energies of the Universe to the Earth.

If you're someone noticing the wobble of our fast changing world... then check out our Keys to the Cosmos.

A thinking upgrade can transform this wild ride into an uplifting view of an interesting journey destined to happen!

These plain truth, simple wisdom teachings give us ways to look for the best in ourselves others and life itself. Join our global community and share the love.

Each chapter of this series introduces cross-culturally inclusive universal life lessons.

Each step is a pathway for engaging with life as a dynamic interconnected energy system.

All steps are easy to share, designed to encourage healing conversation about how to be whole.


1 Faith We live a life filled with unknowns. Cultivating faith supports us to approach and partner life as the ultimate mystery 

2 Courage Courage is an inner quality. When we stand by the Heart of who we are we can meet and manage life's ongoing challenges

3 Hope Spring is nature’s reminder that life is programmed for renewal. Death, letting go, hope and rebirth are part of that cycle

4 Risk-taking Going outside our comfort zone is essential for growth. Risk-taking must always be considered with consideration of safety

5 Magic Opening to the magic of life invites it to reveal itself. Look for inspiration and appreciate the small daily miracles

6 Curiosity Like children who delight in surprise, seeing life with curious eyes awakens us to more of what’s interesting

7 Intuition Learn to listen for subtle inner life signals. Check with your teacher within, we all always ‘in-tuition’ when we pay attention

8 Holistic Seeing Stand back, rise above - get a broader higher view of where you are and what’s really happening

9 Perception Explore your frames of reference. Notice which ways of seeing life give you your best Ahas!

10 Self-trust Notice the tone of your inner dialogue and central themes. How often do you support your own truth?

11 Trusting other How has this worked for you historically? Where did you learn to trust/not trust? How does that play out in your life today?

12  Trusting the Universe Open to partnering the mystery - receptive and open, dynamic and actively engaged - play your part!

13  Surrender Your soul wants you to grow and communicate to you through your deep yearnings. To partner the universe is to partner your souls urge for evolution. Let go and Open up!

14 Laugh Navel gazing can become intense at times. If the things happening to you feel a bit much try to laugh. Looking back the worst things that have ever happened to us can actually be the best!

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Partnering the mystery